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1st Assistant Director with 19 years experience working with Minors, Stunts/Stunt Rigging, Pyrotechnics, Weapons, Animals, Aerial Photography, Car Chases, Process Trailers, SFX Makeup, Rain, Scheduling Software, Excel & Word.



September 2009
“Not Your Time” – Short
EP/Director: Jay Kamen


June 2014
NBC Sports “Sunday Night Football” – Interstitials Director: Tripp Dixon, Producer: Rayna Saslove

November 2011 To August 2012
“America’s Most Wanted” – TV Supervising Producer: Greg Klein, Producer: Jennifer Klein


February 2013 – To Present
FX Network Promos & Teasers

“American Horror Story, Atlanta, You’re The Worst, Pose, Better Things, Baskets, Feud”

– Promo & Print Directors: Stephanie Gibbons, Paul Tolton, Photographers: Frank W. Ockenfels 3, James Minchin III, Matthias Clamer Producers: John Winter, Gunnar Clancey, Melissa Ciampa, Rayna Saslove, Amelia Dallis, Cassia Hoffman, Josh Mulry

December 2015
Netflix “The Ranch” Season 1 Promo Campaign – Digital & Print
Director/Photographer: Mark Seliger, Producer: Cat Farber

October 2014, December 2015
Netflix “Orange Is The New Black” Season 3 & 4 Promo Campaigns – Digital & Print Director/Photographer: Jill Greenberg, Producer: Cassia Hoffman

August 2015
Netflix “Master of None” Season 1 Promo Campaign – Digital & Print
Director/Photographer: Martin Schoeller, Producer: Cassia Hoffman

February 2012 To February 2016
NBCU & USA Mondo Print, Promo & Interview Campaigns – Print Photographers: Andrew Eccles, Andrew Small, Jared Raskin, Gavin Bond Producers: Joel Lilje, John Sepe

December 2014
RAM “Ram Sunday” – Commercial
Director: Warren Fischer, Producer: Jon Messner

September 2014
Ubisoft “Shape Up Campaign” – Commercial
Director: Michael Chaves, Producer: David Moore

April 2014 To August 2014
Home Depot “Try On, Super Powers, Paint, Tools” – Commercial
Director: Warren Fischer, Producer: Doug Hawryluk

April 2014
Goldman Sachs “GS Levis” – Commercial
Directors: Warren Fischer, Spencer Dennis, Producer: Jon Messner

December 2013 To January 2014
“FX Movie Download” – TV Series (4 Episodes)
Director: Josh Berger, Producer: Megan Gutman

July 2013
Disney Infinity “Dream It, Do It” – Branded Interstitial
Director: Art Spigel, Producer: Christy Taylor

May 2013
Showtime “Masters of Sex Season 1 Promo Campaign” – Promo
Director: Emnet Mulugeta, Producer: Kevin Hinds

November 2012
John Deere “Name On It Campaign” – Commercial
Director: Warren Fischer, Producer: Stephanie Bargas

October 2012
Kidz Bop “Kidz Star USA,” – Web TV Show
Directors: Adam Mortimer, Peter Nieves, Rob Schroeder, Producer: Georg Kallert

September 2012
“Halfway Somewhere Else” – Short
Director: Avery Rimer, Producer: Sam Ketay

June 2012
“Party Crasher” – Short
Producer & Director: Michael Kuehnert

December 2010 To January 2012
Exxon Mobil “Natural Gas, Algae, Core Interim, Masters, Containment” – Commercial
Director: Warren Fischer, Producers: Amelia Dallis, Stephanie Bargas, Tatiana Rudzinski

September 2010
My Chemical Romance “Na Na Na” – Music Video
Director: Roboshobo, Producer: Lawrence T. Lewis.

March 2010
“#LoveSwag” – Feature
Director: Austin Davoren, Line Producer: Christina Jurado

September 2009
“Not Your Time” – Short
EP/Director: Jay Kamen

September 2009
“CNN Heroes” Intro – TV Intro
Director: Royale, Producer: Rayna Saslove

April 2009
“The Good Life” – Short, Producer/Director: Andrew van Baal

September 2008
“H.M.” – Short
Director: Kerry Tribe, Producer: Ian Brook

February 2008
“Fencing Miss Morality” – Short
Director: Grady Hall, Producer: Bethany Landing

February 2008
“Black Dragon” – Trailer
Director Colin Trevorrow, Producer: Josh Roth


January 2008
“Herbs,” Feature, Director, Marcus Benjamin Turner, 1st A.D. Austin Davoren

November 2007
“Trinity: Part One – Gehenna,” Feature, Director Dan Jacobson, 1st A.D. Austin Davoren

August 2006
“Within,” Feature, Director Hanelle Culpepper, 1st A.D. Michael Devaney

November 2004
“Welcome to California,” Feature, Director Susan Traylor, 1st A.D. Barbara Miletich

“The Flying Car,” Short, Director Kevin Smith, 1st A.D. Augie Carton

FILMING LOCATIONS: Canada, Germany, Hungary, India, Wales, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, San Diego, San Francisco


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